What’s up, globetrotters and geography gurus? Time to show your geo-savviness by getting from point A to point B with nothing but your knowledge of our wide world! And of course, a dash of strategy. And surely, a sprinkle of luck!

Travel the world, one guess at a time!

Can you name every single country on our planet? You’d better be sure of it, cause Travelle is all about spitting those names out like hot sandwiches as you journey from your starting point to your final destination. And you’ve gotta do it in as few guesses as possible. You can guess countries in any order you like, but there’s a catch – you can’t create exclaves or weird border situations. So, plan your route wisely, and make sure each country you name is a logical step on your journey. It’s like a puzzle where every piece has to fit just right!

After each guess, you’ll get a colorful hint from the computer. The ticked off grin square means you’re spot on – you’re one step closer! There are also icons to indicate that you’re close, but not quite there, or totally off course, and finally, the sign meaning you’ve hit a dead end. A real GPS for your brain! Are you ready to embark on this whirlwind journey around the world? Pack your wits and let’s go!

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