Are you ready to embark on a cinematic adventure like no other? Grab your popcorn and prepare to get starstruck, cause we’re diving right into Hollywoodle! See how well you know all those celebrities and how aware you are of the latest start gossip!

Hollywood hunt

Holywoodle is the brainchild of movie buffs, puzzle enthusiasts, and a few folks who may have had a few too many cups of coffee. You’re tasked with doing the ultimate Hollywood detective work – connecting two actors through their films in as few moves as possible. Every day, you’re handed a pair of actors like secret agents on a mission. Your job? To figure out the films where these two Hollywood legends crossed paths. Hold onto your oversized sunglasses because there’s a catch!

Each time you make a correct guess, it’s like you’re stepping closer to the red carpet. But, beware, every wrong guess will cost you dearly – three moves to be precise. Holywoodle doesn’t take kindly to missteps! Now, let’s break down how you connect the dots in Holywoodle. Imagine you’re given the dynamic duo of Angourie Rice and J. K. Simmons. You start by naming a movie that J. K. Simmons starred in. Then, you pinpoint another actor who shared screen time with him in that movie. The baton passes from film to actor to film, like a relay race of Hollywood connections, until you land on a movie where Angourie Rice takes the lead. Think you can handle it? Plunge headfirst into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and prove you’re the ultimate movie expert!

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