Think you’re a chess whiz? Ever wonder if you could predict the next move just by eyeballing the board? Well, Chessguessr is here to put your chess instincts to the test in the quirkiest, craziest way possible!

Strategize your way to check-mate!

So, you’re plopped right into the heart of a chess game, and your task is to guess the next five moves. That’s right, it’s not just a one-move wonder. We’re talking about a chess pentathlon here But don’t you worry, the game won’t just toss you into the deep end. After each attempt, the board with be sprinkled with colorful clues to let you know just how close you are to that sweet victory.

Green squares are like green lights on a racetrack. They mean you’ve not only got the right move but also in the perfect order. Gold star for you! Yellow squares are caution signs. You’ve got the right move, but it’s just not in the order you thought. Shuffle things around and try again! Finally, red squares are like red flags waving at you. Your move and its order are completely off. Time for a chessboard reset!

You get up to five chances to tweak your chess wordle and make it perfect. It’s like a puzzle within a puzzle, and the satisfaction of seeing all those green squares light up is pure chess joy! With a fresh Chessguessr challenge awaiting you every day, it’s never-ending fun and a daily workout for your brain. So, white or black?

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