If you ever played Wordle, you probably caught yourself thinking, “If only I had a clue! If only I knew what kind of a word I’m looking for!” And Reactle is here to fix it – meet Wordle where the word you’re guessing actually means something, and you can lean on it right away!

Word by word, clue by clue

How does this whole thing play out? At the start, you’re presented with a question, and your task is – that’s right, to find the answer hidden within a word. There are six attempts, just like in the classic Wordle. And just like there, you’ll encounter solutions that can help you on your quest. The colors of the tiles will change to guide you. Yellow means you’ve got the right letter, but it’s not in the right place. Gray means a letter is a no-show. And green… well, green is green, and it means the path is free! It’s like a wordy rainbow guiding your way!

To succeed in Reactle, you’ve got to put on your thinking cap, make educated guesses, and remember what the colors are telling you. And don’t forget the golden rule – have fun! It’s a fascinating wordy adventure that’s all about enjoying the journey and relishing every moment of wordy excitement. Can you wrap your head around those tricky questions, uncover hidden answers, and conquer Reactle with style? Grab your dictionary, channel your inner word detective, and let’s dive into the colorful world of Reactle where words are the clues, answers are the prize, and wordplay is the ultimate adventure!

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