Think the good old Wordle isn’t tough enough? Maybe that’s because you have a whole day to ponder on another puzzle. But what if you had, say, just three minutes to come up with the word of the day? Guess away, the number of attempts is unlimited! It’s doing the trick within those three minutes that counts!

The clock is ticking

So, here’s the lowdown on how this crazy word game works. You’ve got a precious three minutes to crack the code and guess a sneaky five-letter word. Time’s ticking away like a runaway train, so buckle up! The moment you type in your first word, that’s when the time countdown kicks into high gear. You’ll feel like hitting the accelerator on a rocket ship! But don’t you worry about that timer when the app’s checking your word. Time? Frozen. It’s like a movie scene where everything slows down for the epic reveal.

But here’s the catch – for every wrong guess you make, Speedle is deducting an extra five seconds from your time. Think of it as a penalty for playing fast and loose with those letters. And if you chicken out and leave the page, well, that’s game over, friend! You’ll have to wait for another day and another word. And who knows, maybe it’ll be even harder! But don’t have cold feet, the game is not just throwing you to the wolves. There is a familiar color code to help you out. Now it’s up to you to stick with the green letters, rearrange the yellow ones and find those still missing!

Speedle is like a rollercoaster for your brain, a game where every second counts, and the clock is your greatest nemesis and your best friend. It’s casual, it’s insane, and it’s the ultimate test of your word-finding prowess. So, are you ready to sprint against the clock? Let’s do this!

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