Wordle Unlimited

Word puzzles have been around ever since the heyday of crosswords. And now they’re hitting a new era – Wordle unlimited! Unlike the daily version, it doesn’t limit you to just one word puzzle a day – you can guess away as many times as you like and enjoy the thrill of victory as long as you manage to guess it right. Start right now and see for yourself!

As many puzzles as you can take!

If you’re a true Wordle maniac, you definitely know that feeling of despair that washes over you when you use up your last attempt and you fail to guess the word. It’s like the world is shattered right before your eyes, and you feel like a total failure. And what’s worse, you have to wait a tantalizing 24 hours before you can make up for it and take another shot. 24 hours of self-doubt and negative emotions! Where’s the fun in that? If all of it sounds way too familiar, there is no need to suffer any more – just switch to Wordle Unlimited!

Wordle away and track your progress!

This version of everyone’s favorite word-guessing game is just like the original Wordle, but you gain access to a never-ending supply of puzzles to solve. It doesn’t matter whether you already cracked two, or three, or a whole hundred today – there is always another one to try your hand at. Just hit the ‘Regenerate’ button, and you’ll get a brand new word to rake your brains over. And if you’re worried the unlimited version comes without any statistics – don’t! Cause it still lists your ups and downs, and keeps track of your best guesses, best times, and overall scoring. You can even check out the percentage of your correct guesses and compare your performance against all of the other Wordle unlimited players typing frantically on their keyboards right now. So no loss of motivation here!

Another word coming, all aboard!

The rules stay the same: there is a grid counting five boxes horizontaly and six vertically, standing for the number of letters in the word and the number of attempts you have at hand, respectively. You have just six chances to guess the word that lurks behind those black tiles, and once you type one in off the top of your head (cause it’s the only way to start, really), you’ll see how close you are to the right answer. It may be that you guess the word at once – that happens, even though not too often.

More likely, you’ll get stuck for minutes or maybe even hours, analyzing the distribution of color hints on the grid and trying to minimize your mistakes. What happens if you shift this letter here and add that one there? Will you waste another attempt in vain if you try a word with two ‘e’s or ‘l’s? Yeah, Wordle Unlimited is a hard nut to crack. But that’s what makes it so much fun! So what are you waiting for? There is no 24-hour gap, go ahead!

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