Lace up your skates and grab your hockey sticks, cause Puckdocku is the coolest guessing game on the ice! Prepare to use your hockey know-how and guess NHL players based on their team, the season they played, and some sweet stats. It’s like being the Wayne Gretzky of guessing games, only without the skates!

Nine shots, no misses!

Picture this: you’re staring at the board, the clock’s ticking, and you’ve got a lineup of teams, seasons, and stats just waiting to be matched with the right NHL player. You’ve got to use your hockey IQ to connect the dots and score some epic goals.

But here’s the twist that’ll make your heart race faster than an overtime shootout – you only get nine shots to fill up the board! That’s right, it’s a race against time, strategy, and your own inner hockey expert. So, you better choose wisely, because once you’ve taken your nine shots, the game’s over, and it’s time to hit the virtual locker room. Get ready to be the MVP in this icy, crazy, and fun guessing adventure!

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